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May 17, 2020

Believing is Belonging Sermon

May 10, 2020

Mother's Day Worship Service

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Getting Rid of Your Baggage

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What baggage do you carry; things that have happened to you that weigh you down.  People say "time heals all wounds," but not if they are not dealt with.  Join us as God comes to minister our pain and fatigue.

 March 1:  Getting Rid of Baggage
March 8: Clearing up the Confusion
March 15:  Tempering Your Temper  
March 22: Discovering Real Self-Worth
March 29:  Finding Grief Release
April 5:  Freeing Yourself from the need to be Perfect
April 12: Coping with Your Fear of Death
April 19: Easing Your Doubts
April 26: Peace of Mind 

 May 5: Let Go and Let God

Sermon Audio

2020-03-01 Getting Rid of Your Baggage (mp3)


2020-03-08 Getting Rid of Baggage - Take The STEP (mp3)


2020-03-15 Tempering Your Temper (mp3)